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A powerful woman in a chador in Tehran
UN rejects Israel claims of Hezbollah operating under cover of NGO
Trumps unilateral decision startles the world
  • Sunday 6/4/2017 Trumps unilateral decision startles the world
    US President Donald Trump announced the exit of the United States from the Paris climate agreement on the excuse of protecting the US interests, which was a shock and got globally panned
See you in court: activists ready for Trump to relax smog and drilling rules
Hot apartments: If we need air conditioning, weve designed it wrong
700+ native bee species spiraling toward extinction
3D ocean map tracks ecosystems in unprecedented detail
Common pesticides are more harmful to good insects than previously thought
Half surface water in some countries has been lost since 1980s
Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump
How Tracking Product Sources  May Help Save World’s Forests
Thunderstorm asthma: 8 dead in Australia from freak illness
India unveils the worlds largest solar power plant
Growing food with seawater and solar power
In Iraq, the environment itself has once again become a weapon of war
Energy Min.: Intl. energy cooperation should be on agenda