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Sunday 11/11/2018 National TV's coverage of government news should not be on the sidelines Sepanji: It is the duty of a professional media outlet to remain unbiased while covering the news
Amir Abdolreza Sepanji, university professor and DOE's Head of Public Relations Office spoke about Iran's national TV's coverage of news recently.

He said, "Nowadays, representatives of government agencies are faced with a lot of problems in the national media and public view, and audio and television are becoming increasingly important." 

According to Sepanji, this is important in order to put people in the hands of the government, which has come to power by popular vote.

Emphasizing the need to avoid unilateralism on Television Organization, Sepanji said: "The national media is run by the budget provided by people, and it is owned by more than 80 million Iranians inside and outside the country, therefore it is necessary to consider the national interests, and inform the public about the work of those the people have voted for."