Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment met with the representatives of the protection sciences present at the meeting of the ministers of environment and technology of the Group of 77 and China
DOE reports—Dr. Ali Salajegheh; Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment  attended the meeting of the Ministers of Environment, Science and Technology of the Group of 77 and China in Cuba, and spoke with the Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of this country and the Vice President of Venezuela. The Prime Minister of Cuba and  Salajegheh emphasized on the basis of the agreements and decisions of the two countries and the implementation of all matters, including in the fields of knowledge and environment.

Salajegheh pointed out the existence of unilateral and illegitimate sanctions against Iran's diverse and extensive collections in various fields and called for more cooperation, coordination, and participation. The organizers were involved in all the private fields of environment and technology and announced Iran's readiness to host the participating countries to participate in the international dust conference that will be held in September.