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Solving Environmental problems is the Responsibility of all Countries

Head of the DOE spoke with the Iraqi Prime Minister about the shared crisis in Iran and Iraq

DOE reports—Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment of Iran, Ali Salajegheh met with the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi to discuss the issue of dust storms in both countries.

Expressing Tehran's desire to solve unresolved environmental issues, the head of the Department of Environment stressed the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation in this field, saying, “Solving drought problems and dealing with dust storms are regional and common demands, and require everyone to work together to find effective solutions.”

Al-Kazemi also spoke about the matter, and said, "Historical relations between Iraq and Iran are associated with mutual desire to develop cooperation in various fields, and strengthening partnerships with countries in the region strengthens regional ties and the ability to meet common challenges, especially environmental challenges, will help develop useful solutions to environmental challenges. Tackling the effects of climate change is a part of everyone's responsibility.”

The Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, as well as the Iraqi ministers of agriculture, water resources and environment were also present at the meeting.
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