The meeting of the Head of the Department of Environment with the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Iran

The Vice President and the head of the Department of Environment met and talked with the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Iran.
DOE reports--Ali Selajgeh, in a meeting with the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Iran pointed out the many commonalities between the countries of the Persian Gulf region in different dimensions, the management of environmental challenges.

He considered regional life dependent on the cooperation and coordination of these countries, and stated, "The policy of Iran is to give priority to good relations with the neighbors. Among the countries on the southern border of the Persian Gulf, we have the most economic and tourism relations and cooperation with the UAE. The countries of the region can provide the welfare and progress of their people as much as possible in the form of regional alliances."

Congratulating the UAE for hosting COP 28, Salajegheh said, "Iran is ready to provide all its capacities for the magnificent holding of this international event. At the COP 27 meeting in Egypt, the discussion of the formation of a compensation fund for damages caused by climate change was raised and considering that our countries and many countries in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region have an economy based on fossil resources. Ee suggest that the process of negotiations related to this fund should proceed in such a way that the economies of the countries in the region are not harmed and our vulnerability to climate change is not overshadowed."

He described the RAPMI Convention as a regional pact between the countries along the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to preserve the marine environment of the region. "Based on the negotiations, it has been decided that the next meeting of the convention in 2023 will be held in Iran."

Vice President expressed his hope that the fields of cooperation between the two countries in other areas of the environment will also lead to great achievements for the people of the two countries and other countries in the region.

Saif al-Zaabi; The ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Iran also expressed his hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran will attend the COP 28 summit.

dust with neighboring countries that has been prepared and compiled, and effective steps have been taken so that it can be presented at the upcoming international summit.

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