Environment protection top on Iranian maritime tourism's agenda

Iran's booming maritime tourism industry gives high emphasis to environment protection in its projects, notably the environment friendly project of developing Hendurabi region into a tourist island.
Hendurabi is a Persian Gulf island in Hormozgan province in southern Iran, with an area of 22.8 km, located 325 km from Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf, between Kish and Lavan, 28 km from Kish Island.

It is said that now about 20 to 25 people live in the island, whose economic activity is fishing and diving. The island has unique features and one of the most beautiful and most vibrant areas in the country. In February 2011, the law on the annexation of Hendurabi and Faro Islands to Kish Free Zone was announced by the president.

Considering the potential of the tourism project, the idea of turning Hendurabi Island to tourist resort is raised; a plan which, according to the director general of the Kish Free Trade Zone Organization, the environmental considerations have been emphasized and also several meetings with the presence of international and international experts have been held and the potential and the way they are used are evaluated.

Gholamhossein Mozaffari says, 'In implementing the plan, our emphasis is to make Hendurabi a carbon-free island, even the vehicle to be used there should not use fossil fuels. In fact, the most important feature of the island is the calm of Kish, which is there. Kish is one of the four largest islands in the world that has the largest amount of pure oxygen, so we need to preserve these features even in the process of implementing development projects and tourism in the region. In fact, this must be our art.”
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