President Raisi: A Safe and Peaceful Environment is a Guarantee of Development

The Iranian President the Environmental Ministers and Officials of Eleven Countries in the Region

The official website of the government reports—At the regional meeting of environment ministers on Tuesday morning, Ebrahim Raisi described the concern of environmental protection as an inevitable priority. Stating that dealing with some environmental challenges, including the dust storm crisis, is a cross-border issue and requires international determination, the president said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran needs regional cooperation and convergence to overcome these challenges in the direction of improvement and promotion. Economic and industrial development is a necessity for all countries, but the development must definitely be concerned with environmental protection.”

The President stated that until the environment is safe and peaceful for the people, development will not be in the right place, in the hearts and souls of the people, and in the economic and social system. “If this condition is not fulfilled, it becomes a threat to human life, so protecting the environment is an important issue.”

Expressing his satisfaction that friendly and neighboring countries have focused their attention on the important and intergenerational issue of the environment and the need to protect it, Raisi said, “I believe that this issue can be a field for extensive cooperation between countries. The destruction of the environment as well as the wrong use of nature are one of the important factors in the violation of human rights.”

Raisi considers the approach of western governments during the past centuries and their unlimited encroachment on natural resources, especially in colonial countries, and the production of various pollutants in different parts of the world to achieve their current economic development, as one of the main causes of environmental problems. “On this basis, naturally, there is an expectation that they will take more responsibility in this field, not that this issue will become a path for a new type of colonialism.”

Pointing out that official discussions between countries are often international compliments and diplomacy, the president noted, “I ask the respected head of the Department of Environment, the participating ministers, and experts who are present in this gathering, to take this issue away from compliments. They should see the usual diplomatic and political views, think about it and design and follow effective solutions to protect the environment, because the usual compliments prevent it from reaching the right and worthy result.”

Raisi continues, “The Islamic Republic of Iran, by drafting national laws, including the 50th progressive principle of the Constitution, as well as by establishing religious teachings and relying on local knowledge and prioritizing values such as justice, equality, contentment and respect for nature, along with membership in international forums, has paid special attention to the protection of the environment and has taken effective measures to improve the environmental conditions and remove the pollution created in the country.”
The President stated that in the past years efforts have been made to use the scientific and specialized power of the country in the field of achieving sustainability and environmental justice. “One of the basic dimensions in this type of communication we have with our neighbors and in politics is to respect the right of neighbor. When it comes to rights, there is naturally a duty along with it. Right does not come without duty. I believe that the right to be a neighbor and respect the environment is one of the rights of the neighbor. The policy of neighborhood and the right of neighborhood requires attention to the issue of the environment. Dealing with some environmental challenges, including the increasing crisis and intensity of dust storms, is a cross-border issue that requires international and regional determination. The mechanism for solving environmental issues depends on regional cooperation, and the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes regional cooperation and convergence to overcome these challenges in order to improve and improve the environment.”

President Raisi said, “About sustainably dealing with environmental problems, I think creating a union or organization for environmental cooperation of West Asian countries can organize the regional cooperation of our countries. I hope that the holding of this meeting will be a source of blessing for Iran and the countries of the region and a manifestation of solidarity, cooperation, and companionship for other regions of the world, so that they can see that this convergence and cooperation has been able to create a new task in the region, solve environmental problems, and create an environment to make people's lives and progress completely peaceful and safe.”

Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment also spoke at the meeting, referring to the President's emphasis on prioritizing relations with neighboring countries, and calling environmental diplomacy a precursor to neighborhood diplomacy. “We are trying to curb environmental challenges, including the phenomenon of dust, by creating regional cooperation.”

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