Iran’s 20th International Environmental Exhibition to be held in November

The participation of knowledge-based and creative collections in Iran’s International Environmental Exhibitio
DOE reports—Director General of Public Relations and Media Affairs of the Department of Environment announced the holding of the 20th International Environmental Exhibition in November. Knowledge-based companies, new technologies, and environmental businesses, and green jobs, as well as presenting the environmental achievements of the 13th government are on the exhibition’s agenda.

Mohsen Naghilo announced this news, and said, “This exhibition is supported and planned by the Department of Environment at the exhibition complex of Tehran's Forest Park, and with the cooperation of the Vice President for Science and Technology, the National Environment Fund, and Tehran Municipality.

He stated that one of the distinctive aspects and policies of this exhibition is a special look at knowledge-based companies, new technologies in the field of environment and businesses, and green jobs, stating, “Due to the scientific and practical leaps of the country, today there are significant and emerging capacities in these sectors that can lead to development and empowerment lead in the field of environment.”

General Director of Public Relations and Media Affairs of the Department of Environment emphasized that culture empowerment in the knowledge-based economy and green economy as a great help to the environment to be less dependent on natural and non-renewable resources, and to prevent environmental destruction and crises.

“Environment has a strategic and special view on this issue, and it is expected that the bylaws for supporting knowledge-based companies and institutions and commercializing innovations and inventions that have recently been approved by the government board should be given special attention by the responsible institution,” he said.

Iran’s 20th international environment exhibition features the slogan "Environment of intelligent and technological people", and will be held with the support of the Department of Environment on November 20th – 23rd.
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