Regional meeting of ambassadors and representatives of international institutions

The second regional meeting of ambassadors and representatives of international institutions was held in the sixth day of the Environment Week in Iran, with the presence of the Vice President and the Head of the Department of Environment at the Diplomatic Club of the Ministry of Foreign Affair
DOE reports--Ali Salajegheh said in this meeting, "Environment is one of the main pillars of sustainable development and the main condition for a healthy life of human societies, and we are obligated to protect the only habitable planet in the world and improve the current turbulent situation to hand it over to the next generation.
We all know that environmental problems such as climate change, water, soil, and air pollution and loss of plant and animal biodiversity have challenged the whole world.
Now, in addition to these three cases, and following the adverse effects of climate change, i.e., lack of water, low rainfall, increase in temperature and intensity, and the continuation of consecutive droughts, global food security is endangered, especially in the dry and semi-arid belt of the world."

Salajegheh said, "Among other cases, the scope of Climate Change's adverse effects is expanding in other regions of the world in addition to Africa, Central Asia, West Asia, and the Middle East, is the problem of dust storms, which endangers all elements of human life and destroys biological, economic and Social has faced a serious challenge to human society. Reducing the effects of these phenomena and the possibility of consistent, and providing sustainable living and livelihood for native and local communities are among the actions that require the joint and responsible cooperation of all human beings, especially governments."

He noted, "It is obvious that joint and responsible cooperation depends on the creation of regional and global convergence, which can be achieved in the shadow of interactions between governments and their bilateral and multilateral relations with the cooperation of international organizations and in the form of accepted frameworks. The role of international organizations in this global discourse is so important that any type of consultation in this framework to countries and civil societies to achieve joint and purposeful cooperation shortens the long road ahead.

"Based on this, the Islamic Republic of Iran, recognizing the challenges and the necessity of diplomacy and regional convergence in the field of environment."

The purpose of the last meeting according to Salajegheh was to create a platform for environmental discourse and promote regional cooperation to deal with cross-border environmental challenges, and the most important agreements reached during the final declaration were:

1. Emphasis on adopting an integrated and coordinated approach to manage air, water, and soil pollution in order to reduce the challenges and problems ahead.

2. Emphasis on conscious action to deal with climate change and creating an information exchange network.

3. Emphasis on cross-border cooperation and information exchange for sustainable productivity of resources and sustainable livelihood.

4. Development of a regional agreement to strengthen and increase the cooperation of regional countries and create a regional fund to financially support the implementation of joint projects in order to deal with dust storms.

5. Setting up and organizing a framework for cross-border cooperation in the form of creating a technical working group to manage and deal with dust storms.

Regarding the measures related to environmental diplomacy and after about a year since the Tehran Summit, the Islamic Republic of Iran has cooperated and coordinated with international institutions. Regarding the follow-up of issues related to the establishment of a regional fund for dealing with dust and the feasibility of doing this, forming a technical working group consisting of countries in the region and also sharing sub-regional action plans for dealing with
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