vice president meets the ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iran

Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment meets the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iran.
DOE reports—Ali Salajgheh, Iranian Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment, met the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Iran in the Department of Environment. At the meeting Salajgheh pointed out the cultural and religious commonalities between the two countries, and and stated, “The policy of Iran, especially in the current government, is to develop relations with friendly, neighboring and Muslim countries, and we hope that our good relations with the friendly and brotherly country of Kazakhstan will also develop in various fields.”

He described the Caspian Sea Environmental Protection Convention known as "Tehran Convention" as a joint agreement of the five coastal countries of this sea and stated, "Unfortunately, this convention has not had any tangible achievements so far."

Referring to the unfavorable conditions of the Caspian Sea, the Vice President stated, “In recent years, the water flow in the Caspian Sea has decreased and the concentration of pollutants has increased. Therefore, this problem should be managed with the cooperation of the coastal countries.”

Referring to Iran's hosting of the 7th Cup summit and holding the anniversary of the Tehran Convention in Iran, Head of the Department of Environment expressed hopes that the remaining issues of the 6th Cup summit will be managed quickly.

Referring to the occurrence of climate change all over the world and its consequences, Salajgheh called the occurrence of dust storms as one of the most important consequences and added, “This problem should be solved at the international level and by concluding joint memorandums.”

Referring to the holding of a regional meeting of environment ministers hosted by Iran on July 21st last year, he noted, “After the successful holding of this meeting, the United Nations General Assembly designated July 21st as the International Dust Day.”

Vice President added, “With the approval of a resolution in this assembly, the hosting of the international conference on dealing with dust, which will be held on September 18th and 19th this year, was entrusted to Iran. We expect that this conference will be held with the presence of at least 60 high-ranking officials from different countries of the world.” Salajgheh invited the Minister of Environment and the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Iran to attend this conference. Asakhet Orazbai, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Iran also emphasized on the necessary follow-up for the participation of the Minister of Environment of Kazakhstan in this conference.

Orazbai stated that recently the problem of dust has become a challenge in Kazakhstan as well, and called the holding of the international conference on dealing with dust a good opportunity to examine the management solutions of this challenge.

He further considered the Caspian Sea as the common heritage of the coastal countries of this sea and said, “The discussion of the retreat of the Caspian Sea has also happened on the shores of Kazakhstan and it is necessary for the member countries of the Tehran Convention to cooperate to manage the environmental challenges of this sea.”

He considered the development of environmental relations as one of the common fields of cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan.
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