9/25/2018DOE to Employ 300 Park Rangers
The Department of Environment has announced a plan to hire 300 local park rangers to make up for its dire lack of workforce to protect natural reserves. 

According to Manouchehr Fallahi, deputy head of the protection unit at the DOE, there are over 17 million hectares of protected area under the management of the DOE with merely 3,000 rangers to guard them.

"Besides, given the conditions of the job, these rangers are not on duty all at a time and work in shifts," ISNA quoted him as saying in a radio program.  

As per global standards, each park ranger should be responsible to cover 1,000 hectares of area, while in Iran, they protect 8,500 hectares which means an area 8.5 times larger than the international norm, he added. The official noted that based on the DOE's organizational chart, 7,340 rangers should be employed to cover all DOE protected areas.

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