10/2/2018Localization of Environmental Standards Based on the Climate of IranThe joint meeting of the the Head of Iran's Department of Environment, Head of Standards and the Secretary-General of the World Organization of Organic Industries

DOE—02 October, 2018—Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment, Isa Kalantari, Head of the Standard Organization of Iran, Nayereh Pirouz Bakht, and Secretary-General of ISO, Sergio Mujica discussed issues related to international and national standards.

Kalantari pointed out that Iran's environmental standards are very different from the international ones, saying that if Iran wants to meet all the international standards, all of Iran's industries should be shut down.

Referring to the needs of the country to localize environmental standards, he said, "The adoption of Iran's standards in accordance with the advanced world technologies requires the use of those technologies. This is currently not applicable in our country. For example, last year the Clean Air Act was approved in accordance with the international standards, but we still have trouble implementing it in with the fuel and vehicles that we have."

The vice president continued, "Sometimes enforcing international standards prevents the implementation of minimum standards."

While he appreciated Iran's efforts in the field of environment, ISO Secretary-General Sergio Mujica introduced ISO as a scientific organization that has been striving to improve living standards by announcing various standards.

He emphasized that ISO does not force any country to implement its proposed standards, and these laws only make global consensus enforcing the rules.


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