Iran among top 5 states in sand dune stabilization
The generous sky has opened; is the dry spell over in Iran?
Four Persian leopards spotted in Firuzkuh
  • Wednesday 1/30/2019 Four Persian leopards spotted in Firuzkuh
    Four Persian leopards have been spotted near Firuzkuh County, northeast of the capital city of Tehran, a senior official at the Department of Environment (DOE) said.
Environment protection top on Iranian maritime tourism's agenda
Rare owl spotted in Hamedan province
  • Tuesday 1/15/2019 Rare owl spotted in Hamedan province
    A rare species of owl has been sighted near the city of Tuyserkan, in Hamedan province, west of Iran, a senior official at Department of Environment (DoE) said.
Iran has national action plan to protect Caspian Sea seals
Rare bird spotted in southeastern Iran
National TV's coverage of government news should not be on the sidelines
Tehran urges UN to help address Iran-Afghan water issue
DOE to Employ 300 Park Rangers
  • Sunday 11/4/2018 DOE to Employ 300 Park Rangers
    Iran's Department of Environment has announced a plan to hire 300 local park rangers to make up for its dire lack of workforce to protect natural reserves. 
Tehran Air Quality Improves
  • Thursday 11/1/2018 Tehran Air Quality Improves
    Tehran residents enjoyed bright blue skies during the month of Mehr that ended on Oct. 22 as air quality in the metropolis was not as toxic as it was in the past few years during the same month.
Moving towards a green and low carbon industry in accordance with Iran's leader / Non-aligned Paris Convention
Cameras capture 3 Persian leopards in Khuzestan
Persian leopard spotted in Alborz province
DoE to transfer 15 Persian onagers to Kavir National Park
Pollution is on the way; Head of Iran's Department of Environment asks the citizens to take the pollution of diesel vehicles seriously 
Iran takes another step for protecting its environmental rangers
Iran's DOE Introduces Air Quality Monitoring Application
Official apology and dismissal of the deputy of the natural environment of the Semnan province due to the failure of transferring Persian onager
Iran risks losing 70 of farmlands: environment chief
  • Saturday 10/6/2018 Iran risks losing 70 of farmlands: environment chief
    Iran's vice-president and environment chief Isa Kalantari speaks to AFP during an interview in the capital Tehran, on October 2, 2018 warning that in the absence of swift action Iran may lose 70 percent of its farmlands
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